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Merging Subscriptions
Merging Subscriptions

A quick guide to help your subscribers consolidate their subscriptions by enabling merging subscriptions

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Enabling this feature will allow your customers to combine any subscription that has a standard selling plan. Subscriptions that have a Prepaid, Calendar & Calendar Prepaid selling plan will not be applicable to merge.

Why allow your customers to merge their subscriptions?

Merging not only grants customers flexibility as they manage their subscriptions but also enables you to lower their shipping prices to combat high shipping costs.

Enabling Merge Settings

To enable merge settings, navigate to Stay Ai and click Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Selling Plans page within the Merchant Portal

  2. Click "Merge Settings" at the top of the page

  3. Toggle "Allow Merge Subscription" to an on state

  4. Select your configurations

  5. Click Save

    1. your customers will now be able to combine their subscriptions

Merge Settings

Selling Plan Discount

Within the merge settings, you can set how prices are determined when subscriptions are combined. You can either maintain the existing selling plan discount, or inherit the shared or new discounts outlined in the merge settings.

Keep Selling Plan Discount:

If this setting is selected, the line item prices will be maintained when combining the subscriptions.

Inherit "Merge Frequency Options" Discount

If this setting is selected, the price of the products in your customers' subscription will be updated. With this setting, Stay will look for a shared selling plan discount on the combined subscriptions. If a shared selling plan discount does not exist between the merged subscriptions, then the discount set within the Merge Frequency Options will be applied to the combined subscription.

For instance, Subscription A and Subscription B are being merged, and they do not have a shared selling plan discount. Subscription A currently has a 20% discount, and Subscription B has a 10% discount. The customer or merchant selects the 1 week frequency, which the merchant has setup to apply a 50% discount with the merge settings. The combined subscription will now have a 50% discount applied when combined.

Merge Frequency Options

These are the frequencies that are available when a customer or merchant are merging subscriptions. Our suggestion would be to configure frequencies here that are manageable across all of your products.

Combining Subscriptions on the Customer Portal

Once all of your merge settings are saved, customers with 2 or more active subscriptions with standard selling plans will now be able to combine their subs. NOTE: Subscriptions with products that have a prepaid or calendar selling plan group attached are not applicable to merge, and your customers will see a note of that on their customer portal.

They will see a "Combine Subscriptions" option at the bottom of the subscription list page, and the top of their subscription detail page.

Once they select "Combine Subscriptions", merge is in an active state. All applicable subscriptions will display with a checkbox inline.

After two or more subscriptions are selected, the user will move forward by clicking "Combine Selected Subscriptions"

The customer will be able to select the shipment date, frequency as configured in the merge settings, the payment information, and the shipping address for the combined subscription. The default settings here will be pulled from the first selected subscription, but can be updated to whatever the customer desires.

Once the user has made the desired configurations, they can move forward with the merge by clicking "Combine Subscriptions". Because Stay and Shopify need to reconcile the updated subscription contract, merging may take a minute or two. Due to that, the combined subscriptions will be set to a "Merging" status, and you will not be able to make updates to the subscriptions until the merge is complete. Upon completion, customers will see a "Success!" message, and the newly combined subscription contract can be updated as desired.

Merging Subscriptions on the Merchant Portal

Merging subscriptions in the customer portal will also reflect what is set within Merge Settings. For customers that have 2 or more active subscriptions with standard selling plans attributed, Merge Subscription will display as an option when Editing the sub.

Selecting Merge Subscription will open a similar modal as displayed above, where you can select the subscriptions that you desire to combine with the originally selected sub, frequency as configured in the merge settings, the payment information, and the shipping address for the combined subscription.

Next will prompt the merchant to select the Next Shipment Date for the combined subscription.

Similarly to the customer portal, any combined subscriptions will enter a "Merging" status, and cannot be edited until the subscriptions are successfully combined.

What's Next?

What happens if there is an error combining subscriptions?

Stay Ai has built a robust "rollback" system as a failsafe if we encounter any Shopify error when combining subscriptions. Within this system, we attempt to set the original subscriptions back to their pre-merge state. In the case that the rollback is unsuccessful, we will alert the customer and merchant to an error when merging the subscriptions, and a customer support representative will be able to assist.

A Note About Discounts

As noted, when the merge process begins, any Shopify Discount Codes applied to the subscription will need to be re-added after the merge is complete.

To enable Merge for your store, please reach out to your Stay customer service representative!

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