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Klaviyo Quick Action FAQ
Klaviyo Quick Action FAQ

Addressing the most frequently asked questions about Stay's integration with Klaviyo.

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What is a Klaviyo Quick Action?

A Klaviyo Quick Action is a URL that will perform a specific action on the customer's subscription when the customer clicks on it. The customer will have a verification code automatically sent to their email. Once the verification code is submitted, the Quick Action will be applied to their subscription. You can find the Klaviyo Quick Action tool in the Stay Ai app under Tools.

What Quick Actions are available?

Currently, these are the Klaviyo Quick Actions supported in Stay Ai:

  • View Portal

  • Skip Order

  • Apply Discount

  • Reactivate and Apply Discount

  • Add Item and Apply Discount

  • Get It Now

  • Reactivate Canceled

  • Add Item

Navigate to Tools > Klaviyo Quick Actions in the Stay app to build the specific URLs.

Can I remove the step that requires a verification code?

For security reasons, the step that requires a verification code be entered cannot be removed. Unlike the traditional passwordless login process, however, the verification code is automatically sent to the email that the customer had the Klaviyo email sent to.

Note: The email address that the Klaviyo email with the Quick Action link is sent to must be associated with a subscription in Stay for the customer to receive the verification code.

What does "Target Subscription ID (Used for Flows)" checkbox mean?

For all Quick Actions except View Portal, you'll see a checkbox that says "Target Subscription ID (Used for Flows)". Selecting this will add a dynamic subscription ID variable at the end of the URL. This means the Quick Action will target and apply to the subscription that triggered the flow for that customer. This skips the step that requires the customer to select the subscription they want the Quick Action applied to. Targeting the subscription ID can be used for flow emails, but is not required. It cannot be used for campaign emails.

For example, you may have 2 subscriptions, one that gets delivered to your home every month and one that gets delivered to your office every other month. The home delivery subscription may trigger the Order Upcoming flow, sending that flow's email with a Skip Next Order Quick Action. Targeting the subscription ID will apply the Skip Next Order Quick Action to the home delivery subscription.

Do Klaviyo Quick Actions work in other Email/SMS Service Providers?

Klaviyo Quick Actions are for Klaviyo email and SMS use only, as the variables are specific to Klaviyo. We are working on releasing Quick Actions for other email/SMS providers that Stay integrates with.

Will Quick Actions work on Canceled Subscriptions?

The View Portal, Reactivate and Apply Discount, and Reactivate Canceled Quick Actions will work on canceled subscriptions. The other Quick Actions will only work on active and paused subscriptions.

How can I test a Quick Action link?

The first and easiest way to test a Quick Action link is to replace the variables in the link, then enter the link in a browser. Using the example URL mentioned above, you would replace "{{ }}" with the subscription email you are testing with. In this case, the email associated with the test subscription is, so my URL will look like this:

The second way to test a Quick Action link is specific to campaign emails.

  1. You would create a static list in Klaviyo that consists of the email associated with the test subscription.

  2. Send the campaign email to that list, same as you would for an official campaign send. This ensures you receive the email in your inbox as subscribers will receive them in the official email send.

  3. Click the link in the email to test the Quick Action.

Note: Sending a test/preview of the Klaviyo email will not allow you to test the Quick Action properly. Please follow one of the two pathways mentioned above.

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