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Navigating the Executive Summary Dashboard
Navigating the Executive Summary Dashboard

Learn how to leverage Stay's in-depth analytics to build better subscriptions!

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Stay Ai has a robust native reporting and analytics system. Learn how to navigate it to get the most out of your data! Stay's Dashboard gives you a native platform to analyze your subscription data. We take your Shopify order data and pull the needed information to help you make informed decisions to power your business.

This guide will walk you through each section of the executive summary dashboard and how to dig into the metrics provided to better understand your subscription performance.

Metric Summary Cards

Each metric summary card shows you a snapshot of your overall subscription performance.

Our Metric Summary Cards give you a quick snapshot of your overall subscription performance. Please note that taxes and shipping are excluded from all revenue reporting on the dashboard.

  • The Subscription Cart Summary card displays the revenue, total orders, and average revenue for carts that contain subscriptions (meaning First Time Subscription Revenue + Recurring Subscription Revenue + All Add On Revenue in the date range).

  • The First-Time Subscription Revenue card displays revenue, orders, and average revenue for the first order on a subscription.

  • The Recurring Subscription Summary card displays revenue, orders, and average revenue for recurring subscription orders.

  • The Add-On Summary card displays the revenue, total count, and the average value for one time items added on to subscription carts.

Revenue Reporting Graph

Revenue reporting displays the revenue, orders, and AOV for subscriptions, first-time subscriptions, recurring subscriptions, and add-ons in one graph. This dynamic graph gives you the flexibility to navigate your overall revenue, orders, and average order value.

Click the options within the panel on the right to view the revenue reporting graph segmented by Revenue, Orders, or AOV analytics.

Performance By Product

The Performance by product chart breaks down the top 10 products/variants, their total subscriptions, and the active subscription revenue for subscriptions that contain this product. Within this chart, each column will show you key analytics you'll want to understand.

Column heading



Lists the products available in the store.


Lists the variants available in the store.

New Active Subscriptions

Total count of subscriptions where the created date is in the date range and the product is included.

The grand total will total all active subscriptions, including if subscriptions include more than one product.

New Active Subscription Revenue

The total amount of revenue from subscriptions where the product is included and the created date is in the date range.

Active Revenue/Subscription

Amount of revenue per subscription where that product is included and created date is in the date range.

Cancelled Subscriptions

Total count of subscriptions that were canceled and include the product in the date range.

Percentage of Total Subscriptions

Percentage of the total new active subscriptions where the product is included in the subscription.

Subscription Timing

The subscription timing graph displays a percentage breakdown of which frequencies are most subscribed to. This circular chart shows you the total number of subscriptions plus a breakdown of the percentage and total count of subscriptions at each frequency.

Subscriber Reporting

The dynamic subscriber reporting graph breaks down the total active / paused, new, and churned subscribers and subscriptions within the period. The Y axis represents total values, and the X axis represents date.

Please note that paused subscribers are a cohort within the total active subscriber group, as displayed within this graph.

Cohort Analysis

In the cohort analysis chart, each row represents a cohort of customers. Each column displays a month following that cohort’s subscription creation. The percentages reflect the % of that month’s cohort that churned in the following months.

Click Export to export the cohort analysis chart.

Dive deeper into cohort analysis and churn risk analysis with the Churn Reporting Dashboard. You can learn more about it in our Churn Reporting Dashboard article.

Risk Analysis

The risk analysis graph shows you a system-generated graph that determines churn risk for the given period based on trends for churn risk over time and cohort churn risk behavior.

For even more guidance on navigating the churn risk analysis graph, check out our Dashboards FAQ article.


The Forecasting chart is a system-generated, forward-looking report. The system looks at the upcoming 90 days and connects active subscriptions to the days that align with their billing policy. The forecasted revenue is based on subscription line item discounted price.

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