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Addressing the most frequently asked questions about ExperienceEngine promotions

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How does Stay Ai determine churn risk, and what factors are considered when evaluating if a subscription is at risk of churn?

Stay Ai’s engine determines if a subscription is a churn risk based on historical cluster analysis and predictive modeling. Over time, as your data set grows, the strength of churn risk analysis deepens.

Factors evaluated in this algorithm considered include data such as:

  • The product/product variant included in the subscription

  • The length of the subscription, in terms of the number of order cycles

  • The performance and retention rate of the cohort in which the subscription began.

If a customer adds a product from a promotion to their next order and the promotion expires, is paused, or is changed, will they still receive that product at the promotion price?

Yes, promotions only control a customer's ability to opt in; once the customer opts in to receive the promotion product, they are locked in to the price set via Experience Engine.

If a paid promotion is applied to a subscription and I update the promotion, will the discount on the opt-in card change?

No, once a promotion has been applied to a subscription, the opt-in card will not change pricing if you change the discount or update the promotion.

Can promotions be added as subscriptions?

No, promotions are always added as one-time add-ons.

What happens if a customer doesn't take action on a paid promotion?

For discounted promotion products, the answer to this depends on how the experience is configured. If the promotion is still eligible, and a customer neither accepts nor declines a promotion, then the customer will be offered the promotion again with their next upcoming subscription order. If the promotion applies only to a specific order number, the customer will no longer see the opt-in card on subsequent orders.

Can I update the copy related to ExperienceEngine promotions in the customer portal?

Yes, you can update the copy under Customize Portal > Copy > Promotions.

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