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Bundles Best Practices & Examples
Bundles Best Practices & Examples

Looking for a few great examples for building bundles? Look no further!

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Stay's unique bundle builder capabilities enable customers to build and manage dynamic bundles within their customer portal. With the ability to build their own bundles, customers can create personalized boxes with their favorite products, making it a much more engaging shopping experience.

This guide will walk you through the benefits of using Stay's flexible bundling capabilities and some examples of merchants who have done it successfully.

Offer Bundling Discounts

Bundling complementary products together and offering a discount for customers who purchase the set incentivizes them to purchase products they may not have previously considered. With Stay, you can use either percentage-based or fixed dollar amounts when discounting bundles for your subscribers.

Simplify How Customers Manage Their Bundles

Once you have bundles set up in Stay, your customers can manage their own bundles within the customer portal. Subscribers can swap products within their bundles, add new products to their bundles, remove products from their bundles, and even switch it up each order cycle if they feel like it!

Enable Customers to Select the Products in their Bundle

Set minimum and maximum quantities to what can be included in your bundle, then offer customers the flexibility to select precisely which products they want in their bundle. The more customizable their bundle, the less likely customers are to skip a delivery or churn from their subscription.

We recommend creating separate bundles for varying levels of discount and/or numbers of products included. For example, if you wish to offer a combo of 4 products in one bundle as well as combos of 5 or 6 products, we recommend setting up each offering separately.

Check out these customer examples

To see some great examples of Stay Ai merchants that used bundles, check out these case studies:

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