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Using the Customer Portal Banner Ad
Using the Customer Portal Banner Ad

Learn how to optimize the customer portal experience and drive revenue using the Stay Ai Banner Ad.

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The Stay customer portal is of course, where you send customers to manage their subscriptions - but here at Stay we believe all customer-facing experiences should be an opportunity to boost AOV and drive retention. Because of that, we enabled a Banner Ad functionality that displays within the customer portal.

Setting Up Your Banner Ad

The Banner Ad can be used in a plethora of ways, but let's start with getting your banner setup.

  1. Navigate to the Merchant Portal --> Customize Portal --> Design

  2. Here you will see "Banner Ad" in a default state of disabled

  3. Expand the "Banner Ad" section to reveal a few inputs:

    1. URL Input

    2. Desktop

    3. Mobile

    4. Linked Banner Ad Product

  4. Upload the creative you desire to display on a per platform basis. For instance, if the creative you have for desktop is not optimal for Mobile visibility, you can reformat said creative and upload a different image in the Mobile section.

  5. You can then toggle between Desktop Preview, and Mobile Preview to ensure the creative looks correct.

Using Your Banner Ad

Now that you have your creative uploaded, you have a few options for how to use this banner.

Sending Customers to a URL

The first URL input allows customers to click the banner, and be redirected to the URL you outline. For example, your brand is launching a membership campaign, and you want to push users to a landing page that highlights the benefits of the membership. Use the URL input to drive customers to that landing page.

Adding Products from the Banner

We offer an option to "Link" a product directly from the banner. This is a particularly useful feature for when your brand is launching new product campaigns, and you are trying to drive your subscribers to add the product as a one time or subscription item to their upcoming order.

  1. Click "Select" within the "Link Banner Product" section

  2. This will pull in all products from your Shopify catalog

  3. Make your selection, and hit "OK"

  4. Select whether you want the "Add Product" option to display as a One Time option, Subscription option or Both

    1. NOTE: You must select One Time or Subscription for the Add Product selection to work

  5. Submit and see your changes reflecting in the customer portal!

As you are aware, Stay offers you the ability to add products to the Customize Portal --> Products section of our Merchant Portal. These products are configured to display with specific prices in the Customer Portal. Here are some things to note regarding how those configurations play into the Linked Banner Product option:

Products that are configured in the Stay Customize Products section:

  • These products will inherit the pricing you configure in this section. For instance, if the product is listed as $20 in Shopify, but you have set a $5 discount for Add On's in the Customize Products section, then the selected product will have a price of $15 from the banner ad.

  • If the product has any excluded variants dictated within the Customize Products section in Stay, then these variants will not display as options from the Banner Ad.

Products that are NOT configured in the Stay Customize Products section:

  • If the product is not configured for one time Add Ons or Subscription within Stay, then the default price, and all available variants will be pulled from Shopify and offered as options from within the Banner.

Once you've decided which setup works best for your brand, toggle on the Banner Ad, Submit, and watch your AOV grow!

For additional information regarding how some of our brands are using this feature, feel free to checkout our blog post here!

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