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RetentionEngine Setup and Best Practices
RetentionEngine Setup and Best Practices
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Retention Engine Intro Video (linked here)

If you don't have an account already, please create an account here. Once you've created your account, please reach out to your CSM and we will discount your account 100%.

You’ll need a few things to get started on RetentionEngine.

  • Primary Brand Hex Code

  • Secondary Brand Hex Code

  • Brand Logo

  • Brand Font

  • 5-8 Reasons that your customers would cancel/have typically cancelled their subscription

  • Determine if you would like an “other” option - we recommend Yes as a best practice to start with!

Why do you need these items? You will be able to easily implement the styling and content for your exit survey.

Best Practice Tips for Cancelation Reasons:

  • Be specific with your cancelation reasons. “It’s too expensive” vs. “Doesn’t fit into my budget anymore” or “Financial Constraints” have different sentiments. The former says that customers think you priced the product too high, whereas the latter says the customer can’t afford it anymore, not that the product isn’t worth the cost.

  • Think through all the reasons that someone may comment with “Other” (e.g. it doesn’t work with my diet/health anymore) and create those as cancellation reasons. If you’re using “Other” as a cancellation reason, we don’t want to see that as a highly selected option.

Treatment Surveys:

Please think through 3-5 base treatments that you would like to offer to your customers. Here are some best practices to help you get started:

  • Coupon IDs (Discounts) - This is where you provide your customers a discount for continuing their subscription.

    • Note: Irregular number discounts typically work great! For example, offering a 17% discount works better than a 20% discount.

    • These discounts need to be created in Shopify.

  • FOMO Treatments - Use these to appeal to your customers about exciting updates that they would miss out on if they cancel their subscription. The treatment type would be Relevant Information.

  • Automatic Gift Treatment - Use this treatment to offer a free gift to customers who think the subscription is too expensive, service was poor, want to take a break, etc.

    • Note: You’ll need the Shopify variant ID handy.

    • The treatment will automatically discount the product 100% and add it to the next subscription order at a locked quantity of 1.

No matter which treatments you go with, each of them will need the below items.

  • An image to display with the treatment

    • NOTE: Memes/humor work well in the image

  • A heading, description, and a call to action for the treatment

  • Shopify discounts if applicable

Why do you need these items? You will be able to easily implement the Treatments, specific to each Cancellation Reason.

Pause/Skip Options (Secondary Treatments)

Think about what Pause cadence works best for your customers. You can typically go with skipping months (1, 2, 3, or 6 months) or billing cycles (1, 2, 3 billing cycles).

Best Practice Tips for Treatments:

  • Create 2-3 variants of the treatments. For example, if you’re offering a discount, create multiple treatments based on discount value (e.g. 10% discount vs 12% discount vs 13% discount). If you’re offering a free gift, create a few treatments for different gifts. You can also create versions of relevant information treatments to test different images.

  • Add images/videos to the treatment cards. Try to limit text.

  • Try a more casual CTA on the treatment acceptance buttons than “Accept Offer”, such as “Apply Discount” or “Back to Portal”.

  • Use the Automated Gift treatment, not the regular Gift treatment. The Automated Gift treatment will allow customers to have the claimed gift added to their next order at $0 and a qty of 1, whereas the regular gift treatment requires your CX team to manually add the gift to each subscription that claims it.

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