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Attentive Integration
Attentive Integration

Seamlessly integrate Stay and Attentive to keep your subscribers in the loop!

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How to Integrate:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in the Stay Ai merchant portal

  2. Here you will see an Attentive section where you will be able to start the integration

  3. Click “Integrate with Stay Ai”

  4. Select Attentive and "Add New Account"

  5. Click "Connect Attentive"

  6. You will be redirected to login to the Attentive platform

  7. Authorize Attentive to access data through Alloy Automation. Note, that this is Stay accessing the information! Don't be alarmed.

  8. Upon success, you will be redirected to the Stay platform, where you will see the integration modal displayed with a green check mark next to Attentive (see below)

  9. Now, go in and trigger the actions you want to configure workflows off of. For instance, create a subscription for the Stay.Ai_Subscription_Created event to populate in Attentive. The actions must be triggered for the events to populate in the Attentive platform.

What can you do with the Attentive / Stay Integration?

Attentive allows you to create campaigns and flows that are specific to subscribers within the Stay platform.

Within Attentive, you can create segments and camapgins that utilize subscription events for specific messaging. For instance, you are able to communicate with subscribers regarding the following:

  • A subscription has started

  • An order is purchased

  • A billing attempt was processed

  • An order is upcoming

  • A subscription order is cancelled

  • A subscription order is paused

  • A subscription order is skipped

  • A billing attempt is failed

  • An item is out of stock

When creating segments or campaigns, look for events under subscriber activity with the indicator "Stay Ai - [CUSTOMER EVENT]".

When customizing the messages, you can add the following variables that will pull in dynamic information from the user's profile. Please note, that when pulling in links, i.e, the loginLink variable, that will only be available in non-transactional messages.

  • city - City on Customer's shipping address

  • country - Country on Customer's shipping address

  • createdAt - Date the subscription was created

  • discountedPrice - Price on subscription including the discount

  • email - Email on the subscription

  • firstName - First Name of Customer

  • lastName - Last Name of Customer

  • loginLink - magic link for the customer portal

  • nextBillingDate - Next scheduled billing date for the subscription

  • orderId - Shopify Order ID

  • orderIntervalFrequency - Amount of time in between shipments

  • orderIntervalUnit - Unit of time in between shipments (weeks, months, years)

  • orderNumber - Order cycle number for the. upcoming shipment on the subscription

  • phone - Phone number for the Customer

  • price - Price of the subscription

  • province - Province (if applicable) on the Customer's shipping address

  • stayActiveSubscriber - Pulls in Yes or No value for active subscribers

  • stayActiveSubscriptionCount - Amount of active subscriptions for the customer

  • stayActiveSubscriptionVariantIds - Pulls in Variant IDs on the Subscription

  • stayActiveSubscriptionChargeCount - Amount of charges for the subscriber on Stay

  • stayCancelledSubscriptionCount - Amount of cancelled subscriptions for the customer

  • stayExternalCustomerId - Customer ID on Stay

  • stayFirstChargeProcessedAt - Date of first subscription charge on Stay

  • stayOrderId - Order ID on Stay

  • staySubscriptionId - Subscription ID on Stay

  • staySubscriptions - Pulls the product names on the subscription

  • subscriptionContractID - Contract ID on Stay

And that's it! You can now easily use the Stay events to tailor Attentive messaging to your users.

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