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What is the Bulk Update tool?

Bulk Update is a tool that gives merchants the ability to make large scale changes to existing subscriptions. This tool lives in the merchant portal, within the Tools section.

What can Bulk Updates do?

  • Swap SKU: Let’s say you’ve updated your variant ID for an existing product. This allows you to select the subscriptions that have the old variant, and swap it out for the new variant.

  • Add Line Item: Want to add a free hat to a group of subscriptions to show your appreciation? Go ahead and use the bulk update tool to add that line item.

  • Remove Line Item: Have an issue with a product and need to remove it from your subscriptions? This action is made for that.

  • Change Status: You can change a group of subscriptions from Active to Paused, Paused to Cancelled, and anywhere in between.

  • Change Line Item Price: Bulk change a specific product’s price to decreased or increased in value, depending on your needs.

  • Add Promo Code: Want to give your customers a little bit of a discount? You can bulk add a promo code to selected subscriptions.

  • Change Next Order Date: This action is perfect for if you get a group of subscribers who need to update their order date. You can change them all at once!

  • Skip Next Order: Similar to the above, this action is for skipping the order for a group of subscriptions.

Getting Started:

We’ve provided you two different ways to create your list of subscriptions.

Building A Segment:

  • Filter your entire subscriptions list by:

    • Subscription ID

    • Price of the order

    • Customer Name

    • Email of the subscriber

    • Next Charge Date

    • Created Date

    • Status

    • Product ID

    • Quantity

    • Variant Title

    • SKU

  • Once you hit submit, you’ll see that on the right side of the page, the subscriptions that meet your filter criteria will populate.

  • Once that list looks good, you are free to start making your bulk change

Uploading a CSV

  • You can upload a file with all subscriptions that you had previously gathered

  • The key here is to make sure the list of subscriptions has a column with the heading “subscriptionId”. NOTE: if the column does not have this header, the CSV will not upload and will not work properly.

Setting the Bulk Action

Once you’ve either created your segment with the pertinent subscriptions, or uploaded a CSV with the subscriptions, you can now set the action.

  • Choose the desired bulk change from the drop down, and input the needed changes.

  • Once all fields are met, the “Confirm Bulk Update” will become active.

  • This will then cause a confirmation modal to display

  • Provide your Name, and your email

  • This will allow us to track any changes that were made, and validate them

  • The email provided will receive a completion email once your Bulk Update is complete

Viewing Your Bulk Updates History

  • Once you’ve confirmed your bulk update, navigate to the View Updates History link

  • This will display all bulk changes made, with the person who made them, their email, the amount of impacted subscriptions, the action made, and the status

    • QUEUED: The bulk change is in the queue, and up next for completion

    • COMPLETE: The bulk change has been completed

    • RUNNING: The bulk change is in the process of being completed

AND you’re done! A few things to consider:

  • The bulk tool will not run for more than 3000 subscriptions. Larger updates will need to be broken down into smaller pieces

  • Please be sure to note the amount of subscriptions, and the subscriptions displayed in the left of the tool prior to making changes!

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