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Postscript Integration
Postscript Integration

Do you use Postscript for SMS communication? Seamlessly integrate with the Stay platform to keep your subscribers in the loop!

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How to Integrate

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in the Stay Ai merchant portal.

    1. Here, you will see a Postscript section where you will be able to start the integration

  2. Click Integrate with Stay Ai.

  3. Select Postscript.

    1. Here you will see an option to Get Your Credentials or Insert Your Private Key.

      1. If you already have your Private Key, input it in the text field and click Validate.

      2. If you do not have your Private Key, click Get Your Credentials. This will direct you to the Postscript interface, where you can use your already set-up login credentials.

      3. In Postscript, you will see a line item for the name of your store. Click that, and go to the section titled API.

      4. From here, you will be able to Create Security Key Pair. This will generate a public and private API key.

      5. Reveal the private API key, and make sure that is the one that is copied.

    2. Come back to Stay, and paste that key into the Private Key text field.

  4. This will validate against Postscript to ensure the authentication is secure. If the connection is validated, you will see a checkmark within the Postscript line.

  5. Click Finish Installation.

    1. Once successful, you will see a Success! message.

  6. Now, you can go in and trigger the actions you want to configure workflows off of.

    1. For instance, create a subscription for the Stay.Ai_Subscription_Created event to populate in Postscript. The actions must be triggered for the events to populate in the Postscript platform.

  7. If the integration was not successful or you do not see events populating in Postscript, please reach out to Stay's CS team for assistance.

What Can You Do with the Postscript / Stay Integration?

Prior to getting started, please note that the Stay AI integration is only compatible with Postscript's latest API update. When creating flows in Postscript, you cannot use "Legacy Automation Flows".

Postscript will enable you to communicate with your subscribers specifically. You will be able to let them know that their order is coming, and other information regarding their subscription lifecycle.

Within Postscript, you can configure your workflows, and setup the text response that corresponds to each workflow. We have integrated information so the following SMS notifications can be sent:

  • A subscription has started

  • An order is purchased

  • A billing attempt was processed

  • An order is upcoming

  • A subscription order is cancelled

  • A subscription order is paused

  • A subscription order is skipped

  • A billing attempt is failed

  • An item is out of stock

To set these up, look for events tagged “Alloy_Automation - Stay.AI [CUSTOMER EVENT]”. These will process the messages you setup in Postscript based on the events triggered by your customers.

When customizing the messages sent after an event is triggered, you can add the following variables that will pull in dynamic information from the user's profile.

  • city - City on Customer's shipping address

  • country - Country on Customer's shipping address

  • createdAt - Date the subscription was created

  • discountedPrice - Price on subscription including the discount

  • email - Email on the subscription

  • firstName - First Name of Customer

  • lastName - Last Name of Customer

  • loginLink - magic link for the customer portal

  • nextBillingDate - Next scheduled billing date for the subscription

  • orderId - Shopify Order ID

  • orderIntervalFrequency - Amount of time in between shipments

  • orderIntervalUnit - Unit of time in between shipments (weeks, months, years)

  • orderNumber - Order cycle number for the. upcoming shipment on the subscription

  • phone - Phone number for the Customer

  • price - Price of the subscription

  • province - Province (if applicable) on the Customer's shipping address

  • stayActiveSubscriber - Pulls in Yes or No value for active subscribers

  • stayActiveSubscriptionCount - Amount of active subscriptions for the customer

  • stayActiveSubscriptionVariantIds - Pulls in Variant IDs on the Subscription

  • stayActiveSubscriptionChargeCount - Amount of charges for the subscriber on Stay

  • stayCancelledSubscriptionCount - Amount of cancelled subscriptions for the customer

  • stayExternalCustomerId - Customer ID on Stay

  • stayFirstChargeProcessedAt - Date of first subscription charge on Stay

  • stayOrderId - Order ID on Stay

  • staySubscriptionId - Subscription ID on Stay

  • staySubscriptions - Pulls the product names on the subscription

  • subscriptionContractID - Contract ID on Stay

And that’s it! Your subscribers will be able to receive the configured notifications.

Any questions or issues? Please reach out to your CS representative for any help!

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