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How to Install the Account Login Button
How to Install the Account Login Button
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What is the Account Login button?

This is the link that reads "Manage Subscriptions Without Password" that will directly point users to the Stay.Ai powered Login feature.

When your customers click on the "Manage Subscriptions Without Password" link, they will be directed to the Stay.Ai login page. Here, they will be prompted to enter an email or phone number. If they have one of these associated with a purchased subscription, a one time code will be sent to the email/phone number. They will be required to enter the code, and will be logged into the Stay.Ai Customer Portal.

How to add the “Manage Subscription Without Password” link to your theme

1.0 Buy Box Installation

If using the 1.0 buy box installation from the Merchant Porta,l this link will injected into your selected theme automatically. It can be found in the customers/login.liquid file. The link itself looks like this.

 <a href="{{ shop.url }}/apps/retextion/#/login" class="rtxn_manage_subscriptions_passwordless_btn">Manage Subscriptions Without Password</a>

Depending on the theme it is being injected into, it may render in different places on the login page. If you would like to adjust its placement, this can be done by simply moving the link inside the customers/login.liquid file, to the position of your choosing.

Installing Manually

If you would like to install the link manually, it is fairly straight forward.

  1. Login to your Shopify Store

  2. On the left hand side under the section labeled “Sales Channels” select “Online Store”

  3. On this page you will see a list of all your themes including your “Current Theme”, which is your live theme.

  4. Next to each theme there are three buttons. Clicking on the button with three dots will bring up a list where you can select “Edit Code”.

  5. Once you are in the code editor page, verify you are in the correct theme. The theme name will be displayed in the top left hand corner of the page.

  6. From the search bar type ‘login’ and a file named ‘customers/login.liquid’ should be there. From here, all you will need to do is add this code snippet to the page in whichever place suits your needs best.

  7. Click “Save” in the top right hand corner and now the link should be there on your account login page.

NOTE: It may take some trial and error to get it positioned and styled exactly how you would like, for this reason we recommend working in a duplicate theme before making any changes to the live theme.

If you need any assistance or get stuck at any point in this process, please reach out to the Stay.Ai team.

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