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Klaviyo Integration
Klaviyo Integration

The following video and instructions will guide you on how to integrate your Klayvio account with Stay Ai!

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With Stay Ai's Klaviyo integration, Stay Ai can pass various events to Klaviyo so you can build flows off of Stay Ai-specific triggers. These metrics also allow you to take a deeper dive into analytics, so you can better understand where email conversions come from—subscription renewals, new subscription purchases, or one-time purchases.


  1. Log into your Klaviyo account.

  2. Click your account name dropdown in the top right corner and click “Account.”

  3. Navigate to Settings in the top navigation bar and click API Keys.

  4. Copy your public API key to your clipboard.

  5. Log into the Stay Ai app via your Shopify store.

  6. Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  7. Click on the Klaviyo integration.

  8. Paste the public API key and hit save.


The below metrics exist in Klaviyo will populate in Klavio once they are triggered. To trigger the metrics, you must have Klaviyo integrated under Settings > Integrations > Klaviyo, then the actions must take place on a subscription or subscriptions. Once the actions are completed, you can find them in Analytics > Metrics, then search “Retextion”.

  • Retextion - Subscription Canceled

  • Retextion - Subscription Paused

  • Retextion - Subscription Purchased

  • Retextion - Subscription Skipped

  • Retextion - Subscription Started

  • Retextion - Subscription Expired

  • Retextion - First Gift Sent

  • Retextion - Gift Sent

  • Retextion - Last Gift Sent

  • Retextion - Order Upcoming (this follows the days prior settings outlined in Notifcations > Email > Upcoming Charge)

  • Retextion - Billing Attempt Failed

  • Retextion - Promotion Applied

  • Retextion - Item Out Of Stock

Please note:

  • Since we have recently updated our company name, we will eventually be updating the metrics from "Retextion" to "Stay". In the interim, these listed are correct.

  • When you first integrate Stay with Klaviyo, you won’t see these metrics in your account until the event fires from a customer.

Custom Properties

The following custom properties are currently available:

  • stay_active & stay_active_subscriber - yes or no, lists subscribers with one or more active subscriptions

  • stay_inactive - yes or no, lists subscribers with only cancelled subscriptions

  • stay_paused - yes or no, lists subscribers with one or more paused subscriptions

  • stay_active_subscription_count - count of active subscriptions

  • stay_active_subscription_variant_ids - list of variant ids actively subscribed to

  • stay_cancelled_subscription_count - how many canceled subscriptions are owned by the customer

  • stay_cancelled_subscription_variant_ids - list of variant ids on canceled subscriptions

  • stay_all_subscriptions - All subscription contract values for a customer

Transactional Flows

For transactional emails that you’d like to send from Klaviyo instead of Stay (i.e. order upcoming, cancelation confirmation, charge declined, etc.) you’ll need to reach to Klaviyo to have them mark the flow as transactional.

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