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How to Customize Email Notifications
How to Customize Email Notifications

Customizing subscription email notifications made easy

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How to Customize Email Notifications

How to Edit your Email Notifications

We’ve built a drag-and-drop email builder so you can customize your email notifications easily. These email notifications are automatically sent to your customers after being triggered by different events.

Customizing Email Notifications

  1. Click Notifications in your navigation bar. If you’re not there already, click Email Notifications on the side menu. You can enable and disable notifications as you wish. To edit the template, click Edit.

2. Your default emails are auto-populated to look like this..

3. To add additional fields, all you have to do is click on the desired feature in the sidebar, drag it into the email, and drop it as desired.

4. To edit the populated features, simply click on them. A sidebar will appear to guide you through making any changes.

5. To add your logo or a custom header, click on the box that says Your Logo Here. On the sidebar, you’ll be able to upload your logo or header. You can also scroll down to change the alignment, add a URL so it will go to your landing page if it’s clicked, or adjust the link to send your team an email, phone call, or text message. For more customization options, such as image cropping, click on Apply Effects & More to edit your image.

6. Each email template comes auto-populated with pre-written copy. To edit your message, simply click on the text box. You can edit the copy or write something new entirely based on your brand’s unique voice. A task bar will pop up, giving you the ability to change fonts, adjust the size and style, switch colors, and add a hyperlink.

7. You can also include certain merge tags in the email to personalize your emails. Please note that you can only use the tags that are offered in the task bar.

8. In addition to the email copy, you’ll want to edit the call-to-action button. Click directly on the button to edit the text. On the sidebar, you can add your URL to link right to your landing page or adjust the link to send your team an email, phone call, or text message. You’ll also find options to make formatting choices, such as altering the color of the box.

9. At the bottom of the email template are the logos for your social properties. Be sure to click on them and add the URL to your brand’s channels.

Email Notification

Use Case


Fires when a customer starts a new subscription. Reminds them that they can manage their subscription at any time and links them to their account.

Subscription Cancellation

Fires when a customer cancels a subscription.

Payment Processed

Fires every time a payment is processed.

Upcoming Charge

Fires 5 days before the customer is charged. This may include a CTA to add a one-time product.

Item Out of Stock

Fires when an item is out of stock. Lets customers know that their order will be on hold until the item is back in stock and gives them the option to swap products in their portal.

Payment Declined

Fires when payment is declined. Prompts customers to update their payment method in the customer portal. You can set up the payment retry actions in the Billing section of Stay Ai.

Account Access

Fires once an account is created. Lets customers know that they can manage their account and subscription at any time and links them to their account.

You can also customize your SMS notifications! All of the email notifications will be available as SMS notifications. We recommend enabling at least the upcoming charge text.

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